An Easy Tarot Reading with The Emperor

March 23, 2022

Quick and Easy Tarot Trick with the Emperor for Aries Season | Happy As Annie

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In tarot, the Emperor is all about leadership, discipline, and structure.

Here is an easy tarot reading to do when you feel like you are lacking structure and discipline in your life, or when you feel like you’re being too rigid in some aspects. This non-spread is perfect for the season of Aries, which is represented in the tarot by the Emperor.

The Emperor and other Rider Waite Smith tarot cards

Inspired by the start of Aries season

We have officially entered Aries season! And Aries, the leader of the zodiac, actually inspired this quick tarot-reading idea for adding more structure and discipline into your life. In tarot, the Emperor is the card that represents Aries, so we are going to ues the energy of the Emperor to figure out where we could use some more structure, and where we might benefit from less!

I especially love this tarot reading because it doesn’t require a spread of multiple cards. It’s a tarot non-spread!

Here’s what you do.

(In case you’re wondering, the Emperor card pictured above is from the classic Rider Waite Smith tarot deck, available here.)

Here’s how you do this non-spread tarot spread for more structure

  1. Shuffle your tarot cards while meditating on the Emperor. In tarot, the Emperor card is ruled by Aries, so that’s why we are using it as the anchor for our non-spread tarot spread for incorporating more structure and discipline into your life.
  2. When you’re ready, stop shuffling and turn over your deck so you can look through the cards.
  3. Start thumbing through the cards until you spot the Emperor card.
  4. The card right before, or on top of, the Emperor in your tarot deck represents an area of too much rigidity in your life. How can you loosen up a bit?
  5. The card right after, or underneath, the Emperor in your tarot deck represents an area in your life that may benefit from more structure. How can you be more disciplined in this regard?

And that’s it!

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(Here’s another quick and easy tarot non-spread you can try if you’re feeling out of sorts: Spread for Restoring Balance)

Have you been feeling too rigid and overly structured lately and in need of loosening up? Or do you feel the opposite, like some structure could really help your wellbeing these days?  Leave a comment below!

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