Two Tarot Spreads Inspired by Taurus Season

April 28, 2023

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Happy Taurus season! Here are two super fun and simple Taurus-inspired tarot spreads to do to embrace the energy of Taurus season. But in all honesty, these two Taurus tarot spreads can be done any time of the year!

Taurus Rules over the Hierophant in Tarot

In tarot, each of the twelve zodiac signs rules over a specific Major Arcana card. Taurus rules over the Hierophant. This makes perfect sense because Taurus energy is all about sensory pleasure, luxuriating, and enjoying the beauty around us. And the Hierophant is a richly ornate card that relates to this appreciation of beauty, tradition, and sensory ritual.

Taurus can also sometimes be accused of being stubborn and stuck in their ways. And the Hierophant definitely reflects that energy in its depiction of institutional conventions and longstanding traditions.

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The Hierophant tarot card in the Major Arcana is ruled by Taurus. Here is a quick and easy tarot trick to manifest the dedication and luxury of the Hierophant archetype this Taurus season

Tarot Spread #1: An Easy Tarot Reading with the Hierophant

My first Hierophant tarot spread is a very easy tarot reading! This simple tarot reading technique honors the dedication and devotion of the Hierophant. In fact, it’s more like a tarot trick than a spread. That’s how easy it is!

You can do this Taurus tarot spread any time you are reevaluating your commitments and deciding whether to continue investing in certain efforts.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Shuffle your tarot cards while meditating on the Hierophant. That card is the anchor or foundation for this tarot reading, which is perfect for rededication to a cause, perseverance, or inviting change.
  2. When you’re ready, stop shuffling and turn over your deck so you can look through the cards.
  3. Start thumbing through the cards until you spot the the Hierophant card along with the card right before (or on top of) it and the card right after (or underneath) it.
  4. The card before, or on top of, the Hierophant card shows where continued dedication and investment could serve you.
  5. The card after, or beneath, the Hierophant card reveals where you could shake things up and try something new.

I know  we are often told, especially growing up, to never quit no matter what. But as we mature, we realize how trite and lacking of nuance that advice actually is! Doing this quick tarot reading for yourself helps you revisit and reevaluate your commitments and see if they are still aligned with your highest good.

Tarot Spread #2: Embrace the energy of Taurus Season

If you prefer a more traditional tarot spread to prioritize sensuality, beauty, and the simple pleasures of life this Taurus season,  I’ve got you covered there too. The following tarot spread layout involves four-card tarot spread, lay out your tarot cards like this:

Tarot Spread for Taurus Season | The Tarot Professor

The Taurus constellation is a bull (you know, bull-headed Taurus and all that!). You’ll notice this spread follows the shape of this zodiac sign’s bull’s head.  Here are the tarot questions that make up this four-card tarot reading:

  1. Where can I linger and feel pleasure this month?
  2. What are my senses craving this month?
  3. What might be losing its luster or appeal?
  4. How can I decide whether to rededicate myself to it or let go and move on?

Let me know if you try any of these tarot spreads! Happy Taurus season!

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