How to Interview Your Tarot Deck

September 17, 2020

Interview Tarot Deck | Happy As Annie - How to Interview Your Tarot Deck. A Three-Card Tarot Spread to Help You Interview a Tarot Deck

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Search the phrase “interview tarot deck” on Pinterest. You’ll find various tarot spreads to try. Or, use the simple three-card spread I created for interviewing a new tarot deck.

Why might you want to “interview” your tarot deck?

It may sound a little superstitious, but tarot decks, like any object, contain and give off certain energies. This means that certain tarot decks are better at connecting with and channeling different energies.

For example, one tarot deck may have a very didactic or teacher-like energy while another has a very soothing, therapeutic energy. Some tarot decks may seem to be giving out tough love and point-blank lessons and others are more comforting in the messages they tend to reveal.

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So, a lot of people like to “interview” a new deck to see what kind of inner work (if you read for yourself, like me) or types of readings (if you read for others) would be best suited for this deck and its energy.

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You can also do a deck interview if you feel like you’ve become disconnected from your deck or if you haven’t used a deck in awhile and would like start doing readings with it again.

Here’s my basic tarot deck interview spread.

Here's a simple three-card tarot spread I created for interviewing a new tarot deck. How to Break In a New Tarot Deck | Happy As Annie

Shuffle your tarot cards. Pull one card for each of the following three questions.

  1. What is the energy or intention of this deck?
  2. What can this deck show me or teach me about myself?
  3. How might my life change after working with this deck?

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Have you ever interviewed a tarot deck? If so, how’d it go? Let me know in the comments below.

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Happy As Annie | Tarot Deck Interview Spread to help get to know a new tarot deck. Use the simple three-card spread I created for interviewing a new tarot deck or an old one you've disconnected with and want to start using again. #tarotreader #tarotcards #tarot #tarotspreads #tarotspread

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