Use Tarot to Channel the Energy of Leo Season

July 24, 2020

Use Tarot to Channel the Energy of Leo Season | Happy As Annie

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Did you know that each zodiac sign, or sun sign, has a corresponding tarot card?

While it’s certainly fascinating to know the card that rules your sun sign, it’s also helpful to know the tarot energy of any given zodiac period. We’re in Leo season now, which means we are working with Strength energy in the tarot.

In this post, you’ll learn how to channel your inner Strength and make this Leo energy work for you.

What is the typical Leo personality?

Leos are creative, passionate, and generous with their gifts. They grab life by the balls and love to celebrate and luxuriate in life’s riches.

Of course, taken too far, these personality traits can border on arrogance or even narcissism. To use a perhaps inevitable lion metaphor, the shadow side of Mufasa, after all, is Scar.

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How does this relate to the Strength card in tarot?

The Strength card in tarot is not what most people in our patriarchal world may imagine when they think of strength. Strength in the tarot is not about brute force and pushing beyond our limits. Rather, it’s about an inner strength and knowing that allows us to stay true to our values and our authentic selves. It allows us to stay grounded and centered as we navigate life’s ups and downs.

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How does this relate back to Leo?

One of the bravest things we can do is to share our creativity with the world. Leos break the mold. They reject the nine to five job with the health benefits and the pension because what they really want to do is dance on Broadway. They are the kids who signed up for every activity at summer camp before they had time to realize how scary or difficult it might be or how they might get hurt.

Leos try and fail and try again.

Leos speak their truth and fly their freak flags and don’t care if people don’t get it. Or if people do get it but hate it anyway.

It takes grace and strength to tame the inner lion of fear and self-doubt and shine bright like a Leo.

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How can you channel your inner Strength during Leo season?

We can channel our inner Strength during Leo season by being bold and fierce. By speaking our truth and facing our fears. And by accepting that we deserve a place in the limelight too, if we want it.

Channeling your inner Strength may be the stuff of adventure tales, sure. But it could also be something that seems ridiculously small beans to someone else. It doesn’t matter, and competition will only take us into Leo’s shadow side, so let’s stay away from that!

How am I going to embrace my inner Leo this season?  I’m going to get in front of the camera more often. This includes for my blog in the form of IGTV and for my day job, which is teaching college English. I hate being on camera because I’m awkward and self-conscious and, frankly, don’t think my beauty and charm translate well to video.

Besides that, I’m a writer, not a vlogger. But I know how engaging video content can be, both for fun on social media and for my English 101 students, a lot of whom will struggle without being in an actual classroom with me and their peers since we are going fully online in the fall.

In addition to the fact that video is just more effective for content delivery in many ways, the fact that it makes me cringe tells me it’s a great way to channel Strength and take up space in the spotlight this Leo season. I can’t think of a better way for me to challenge myself and say, “Hey everybody, look at me! I have something to say and I deserve your attention!”

You might love it. You might hate it. That’s not my concern.

Questions for journaling, meditation, or your tarot cards

If you need to mull this over a bit more, here are some questions to help you channel your inner Strength this Leo season.

1. What gifts do you have that you can share with others?

2. How can you best share your gifts with others? In what ways and through what channels?

3. What have you wanted to learn for some time now but keep putting off, perhaps because it seems difficult or you’re afraid you’ll fail?

4. What have you wanted to experience for some time now but keep putting off, perhaps because it makes you nervous or you’re afraid what others might say?

5. What famous people do you admire and look up to? Pick one person and dive into their work or life story this month. See what inspiration may come from it.

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