Use Tarot to Channel the Energy of Taurus Season

April 20, 2020

How to Use Tarot to Channel Taurus Energy | Happy As Annie. Taurus rules the Hierophant Tarot Card. Channel your inner Taurus and Hierophant energy in a way that serves your highest good. #taurus #astrology #tarot #tarotcards #horoscope #zodiac

Did you know that each zodiac sign, or sun sign, has a corresponding tarot card?

While it’s certainly fascinating to know the card that rules your sun sign, it’s also helpful to know the tarot energy of any given zodiac period. We’re in Taurus season now, which means we are working with Hierophant energy in the tarot.

In this post, you’ll learn how to channel your inner Hierophant and make this Taurus energy work for you.

What is the typical Taurus personality?

Tauruses are strong, focused, and determined. They are patient, respect rules, and can get the job done right.

Of course, taken too far, these personality traits can border on stubborn bullheadedness. So, it’s no coincidence that the Taurus is represented by the bull!

How does this relate to the Hierophant in Tarot?

If you’re like me, you never even heard the word hierophant outside the context of tarot. And, perhaps, like me, you still don’t really know how to pronounce it. I say “higher-o-fant” but I’ve also heard “hero-font,” so feel free to vote on that in the comments.

But more importantly, as we can tell from the card’s illustration, the Hierophant is a religious figure.  A man of esoteric knowledge, a leader and teacher of ancient and sacred tradition. Think of him as the Pope.

How does this relate back to the Taurus? Quite wonderfully actually. Represented by the bull, the Taurus is as stereotypically masculine as the zodiac gets. And if we consider the Judeo-Christian traditions that the original tarot was steeped in, the Hierophant is as patriarchal as it gets. Thus, these two are a match made in heaven with their love of structure and doing things the way they’ve always been done.

How to Use Tarot to Channel Taurus Energy | Happy As Annie. Taurus rules the Hierophant Tarot Card. Channel your inner Taurus and Hierophant energy in a way that serves your highest good. #taurus #astrology #tarot #tarotcards #horoscope #zodiac (Hierophant tarot card from Rider Waite tarot deck)

How can you channel your inner Hierophant during Taurus season?

In a multicultural, feminist world, this trope can seem outdated, sure. But there are some beautiful positive traits in the Taurus and Hierophant personality that we can proudly channel and embrace today.

What jumps out at me is that part of Tauruses’ love for tradition is that they are highly aesthetic (almost fussy) beings. Which means they value the rich tradition and nuances of society, culture, spirituality, the law, and more. The Hierophant relishes in the beauty and ornateness and intricacies of these subjects, which can bring much richness to the world.

So, this Taurus season, instead of poo-pooing anything and everything that smacks of old-world patriarchy or Eurocentrism, consider what unproblematic features of societal and cultural institutions we can continue to revere and learn from. How can we embrace and appreciate family or even national traditions, for example, that seem silly and even archaic? What good do they bring?

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Here’s an example of embracing my inner Hierophant

I’ll give you an example. One of my new year’s resolutions was to read the Bible all the way through. I never have and I think it’ll help me sort my feelings on being a baptized but pretty non-practicing Christian. Anyway, I was done with Moses and the Red Sea and was jumping into Leviticus, which is a pretty skim-worthy book of arcane laws. You know, which animals to sacrifice on which occasion and what exactly to do with their blood and all sorts of loveliness like that.

Tempted to skip this book altogether, I realized that Leviticus is prime Hierophant territory. How could these obsolete religious laws actually serve me?  I kept reading with an open mind and noticed that the author repeatedly described all of the animal sacrifices offered according to God’s specifications in the same way: they had “pleasing aromas.”

So what?

Well, my first thought was a memory of famous vegan Morrissey interrupting his set at Coachella several years ago because there was a hot dog vendor too close to the main stage and “the stench of burning flesh” was nauseating him.

But my second thought was that “pleasing aromas” like frankincense and myrrh remain a staple of many church ceremonies and spiritual altars today. Isn’t it wonderful that smell can have such a powerful emotional and spiritual effect on us? What a simple and beautiful way to connect with a higher power or universal consciousness or whatever you believe in.

Channeling my inner Taurus and Hierophant reminded me of the easy and powerful spiritual tools I have available to me in the form of sage, essential oils, and scented candles. Cleansing the energy of our homes and inviting in more pleasant and positive energy is especially crucial now that we are all spending so much time isolated indoors.

See? I did it! And you can too.

How to Use Tarot to Channel Taurus Energy | Happy As Annie. Taurus rules the Hierophant Tarot Card. Channel your inner Taurus and Hierophant energy in a way that serves your highest good. #taurus #astrology #tarot #tarotcards #horoscope #zodiac (Blonde woman waering brown beanie journaling in bed with coffee in hand)

Questions for journaling or meditation

Here are some questions to help you channel your inner Hierophant this Taurus season.

1. What traditions do your family, friends, or larger communities observe that you enjoy? Why do these traditions make you feel good?

2. What is a tradition that you wish you still kept? Why did you stop and how might you rekindle it?

3. What is a new tradition you would like to start? What is so intriguing or appealing about it?

4. What ancient mysteries or traditions would you like to learn more about? Is there an elder, professor, or spiritual leader in your life who you could talk to about it?

5. What classic books or movies have been on your “to read” and “to watch” list forever? Pick one to tackle this month.


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