Two Tarot Spreads Inspired by Aquarius Season

January 22, 2023

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Welcome to Aquarius season! Here are two super fun and simple tarot spreads to do to embrace the energy of Aquarius season. But in all honesty, these spreads can be done any time of the year!

Aquarius Rules over the Star in Tarot

In tarot, each of the twelve zodiac signs rules over a specific Major Arcana card. Aquarius rules over the Star. This makes perfect sense because Aquarians are a unique, passionate sort who bring a sense of authenticity and idealism to the zodiac. The Star is all about bearing her soul and pouring her authentic passions into the world around her. We can see this in the card’s nudity and the way she pours water with both hands.

And, of course, Aquarius is known as the water-bearer in Greek mythology which is super fitting with the Star card!

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The Star tarot card in the Major Arcana is ruled by Aquarius. Here is a quick and easy tarot trick to manifest the authenticity of the Star this Aquarius season

Tarot Spread #1: An Easy Tarot Reading with the Star

First, here is an easy tarot reading to honor the authenticity of the Star. In fact, it’s more like a tarot trick than a spread. That’s how easy it is!

You can do this tarot spread any time you are feeling self-conscious or like you are not being true to yourself and your heart’s dreams.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Shuffle your tarot cards while meditating on the Star. That card is the anchor or foundation for this tarot reading, which is perfect for embracing and presenting your true and authentic self.
  2. When you’re ready, stop shuffling and turn over your deck so you can look through the cards.
  3. Start thumbing through the cards until you spot the the Star card along with the card right before (or on top of) it and the card right after (or underneath) it.
  4. The card before, or on top of, the Star card reveals how being your true and authentic self can serve others.
  5. The card after, or beneath, the Star card reveals how being your true and authentic self serves you.

And that’s it!

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Tarot Spread #2: Aquarius Season Tarot Spread

In addition to bearing their true and authentic self, Aquarians are also known for their hopeful and innovative thinking.  No matter if you’re an Aquarius sign or not, we could all use more of these admirable qualities in our lives in my opinion! So I designed this next spread to help us harness these particular Aquarius personality traits to see how we can invite this beautiful energy into our lives.

For this four-card tarot spread, lay out your tarot cards like this:

Tarot Spread for Aquarius Season | The Tarot Professor

Aquarius is the water-bearer of the zodiac (thus the prefix “aqua” and why it’s often mistaken for a Water sign when it’s actually an Air sign!). You’ll notice this spread follows the shape of this zodiac sign’s iconic water flowing from a jug. Here are the tarot questions that make up this four-card tarot reading:

  1. What curiosity am I being called to explore more deeply?
  2. What quirk or eccentricity is actually my superpower?
  3. What area of my life could benefit from innovation?
  4. Where can I find renewed hope?

Let me know if you try either of these tarot spreads! Happy Aquarius season!

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