About Me

What I write about and teach

Hi, I’m Annie, the Tarot Professor! More specifically, I’m a literature and mythology professor who loves to teach and write about tarot and self-divination. Interpreting texts and symbols to discover themes and better understand the human experience is literally what I spend all day doing!

As a Pisces and an academic, my special brand of tarot and self-divination blends intellect and intuition. So if you are keen to lean into your intuitive wisdom but also love nerding out with mythology and traditional tarot study, you are my people!

My latest offerings and updates

Read Tarot Today is my beginner’s tarot course designed for those of you who want to learn to read tarot in a smart, organized, and fun way. I am a professor after all! So if trying to teach yourself through blog posts, YouTube videos, and tarot books is just not working out as effectively or quickly as you would like, drop everything and look into this course! It’s self-paced and you get lifetime access to it.

Did you know that I also have an Etsy shop!? I recently added charm casting into my tarot reading practice, and many of you fell in love with these divinations charms just like I did when I first encountered them! So I launched Within Charm’s Reach on Etsy to provide special charm kits and packages for those of you who want to add this dimension to your self-divination practice.

My personal tarot journey

I’ve been working with tarot for years and it has been such a transformative force in my life that my mission is to bring its powers of self-discovery and intuitive guidance to others.

Before I started working with tarot I was quite lost in life.  I was an overworked, unfulfilled and unhappy lawyer, disconnected from my true self and basically living my life for others.

Working with tarot has helped me tap into my intuition and reconnect with my authentic self to start living the life of my dreams. In the last eight years, I:

  • ended my unfulfilling legal career;
  • went back to school so I could teach college English;
  • gave myself a major makeover;
  • got married;
  • found an ideal faculty position where I least expected it;
  • made wonderful new friends; and
  • started my tarot blog and business.

Tarot has been an essential tool that has changed the way I live my life. Instead of being an ego-driven over-achiever, I now prioritize authenticity, fulfillment, joy, and balance.