Charm Casting: Enhance Your Tarot Readings with Divination Charms

January 3, 2023

Charm casting is a beautiful and fun way to enhance your tarot readings. Read on to see how to add divination charms to your tarot practice.

Charm Casting: Enhance your Tarot Readings with Divination Charms by the Tarot Professor

What are charms?

Charms are essentially symbols, are they not? They are visual representations of objects, animals, people, places, values, ideas, and more. And when we wear them on jewelry – which are the types of charms I usually work with – we are essentially saying “this thing is important to me” or “I like this thing” or perhaps “I am trying to channel the energy this object represents to protect or reassure myself.”

When I realized that the symbolism and meaning of charms often overlap with symbols found in tarot, I couldn’t help but start to combine the two mediums. If you’re a tactile person like me, adding charm casting to your divination practice is really enjoyable and helpful!

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How does charm casting work?

You can charm cast in a couple different ways, depending on how many charms you want to read and whether you’re combining them with tarot cards.

Traditional charm casting is like casting runes, bones, or dice – all common forms of divination. Like rune casting, in charm casting, you can fill a small container with several charms. Then shake a few charms out over your divination surface and see which ones come up! Then you would read the multiple charms just like you would read multiple tarot cards in a spread. You could even assign each charm a specific position like past, present, future!

Charm casting or divination charms available in Within Charm's Reach, charm shop on Etsy, including astrology charms, tarot charms, and more

If you’re pulling tarot cards first, which are still my primary form of divination, you may want to add just one or two charms to your reading rather than casting several.  The way I do that is to take a larger bowl of charms, close my eyes, and simply dip my hand into the bowl and see what charm I make contact with first.

Lately, when I pull a tarot card, I also then pull just a single charm or two from my collection of beautiful charms. These symbols can enhance or add to the reading of your tarot cards, much like pulling a clarifier card actually! But instead of drawing another tarot card to clarify the meaning of a previous tarot card, you draw a charm!

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How do you interpret charms? What do they mean?

Interpreting charms works in the same way as interpreting tarot cards. You can get as intellectual and collective or as intuitive and personal with charm meanings as you would like!

Many symbols found on charms exist in our collective unconscious or hold widely accepted cultural and spiritual meanings, which you can look up in charm meaning dictionaries like mine or in other sources and adopt. For example, owls commonly mean wisdom and butterflies popularly mean transformation. The Eiffel Tower commonly means romance or travel, right? So you could ascribe it that meaning. But if you grew up in Paris, maybe for you personally it symbolizes childhood. That’s perfectly acceptable too! Listen to your intuition and have fun!

While tarot is a specific system that was designed in a specific way and has a richer tradition to be learned and studied, I don’t believe the same goes for charms. So if you are more of an intuitive reader who likes to channel and create more personal meanings in your readings, I think you especially will have fun with charm casting!

Tarot book, charm casting or divination charms, and candle on bench

Where can I get some divination charms to try this out?

I am so excited about charm casting as an additional form of self-divination that I have actually opened up a charm casting shop where people can get special charms for self-divination and ritual work.

My charm shop, Within Charm’s Reach, is open now on Etsy!

Within Charm's Reach charm casting shop on Etsy by The Tarot Professor

So what are your thoughts on charm casting? Leave a comment below!

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